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Helping you identify who to reach out to.

Energy, External Relations & International Trade, Financial Services, Food, Drink & Agriculture, Health & Wellbeing, Internal Market & Retail, Manufacturing Industries, Technology & Telecoms, Transport & Security
Government Relations, Public Affairs, Public Relations
Areas of interest
Diplomacy, European Parliament, European Commission, International Relations, Policy-making


The Brussels bubble is an intricate network of institutions, think-tanks, private interests and more. Any successful campaign begins with engaging the right people – the challenge lies in figuring out who these people are. Combining in-depth research and qualitative assessments, our stakeholder mappings look beyond the obvious and identify who really matters to you.


‘Trade’, ‘Energy’, ‘External relations’, ‘Health’ – these are all big, current topics that anyone in Brussels is likely to know a little about. But who should you talk to if you want to get to the specifics? Who are the experts? Has anyone been trying to get this topic on the table?

The stakeholder mappings and rankings by Cambre go beyond the obvious and help you really pin point who you should be engaging with. Based on comprehensive information collected, we map out all interested parties and establish which ones are influential, which ones are experts in a given field, which ones are well connected, and more.

Cambre has developed a solid methodology to assess, qualitatively and quantitatively, who can genuinely make a difference for your campaign. We help you sift through the thousands of stakeholders to identify where you should focus your efforts.

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