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Ensuring your communication is solid - speechwriting

External Relations & International Trade
Government Relations, Public Relations
Areas of interest
Diplomacy, Human Rights, Trade, European Parliament, European Commission, European External Action Service, International Relations, Policy-making, Communication


Delivering a speech is an invaluable opportunity to communicate, in just a few minutes, your key messages in an engaging and powerful manner. With a specialised team in EU communications, spanning a wide range of policy fields, Cambre has substantial expertise in tailoring key messages to both EU and international audiences.


The EU agenda is a goldmine of events, conferences, roundtables, debates and panel discussions, presenting countless opportunities to address decision-makers and the wider EU public. However, the audiences at such events tend to be very specialized and to have specific issues they would like to see addressed. Cambre combines in-depth knowledge of EU affairs with an acute understanding of the specificities of individual sectors, as well as extensive experience in political communications, to assist you in effectively getting your message across. Cambre offers tailored speech-writing services, which directly address the interests of EU officials whilst also raising awareness for issues that are important to you.

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