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In a time of social media and instant communications, newsletters can still accomplish a great deal when it comes to keeping people and organisations informed regularly. They provide more column inches than a tweet and can be consumed at the reader’s own pace. They are not likely to fall out of fashion yet.


Many of our clients have to deal with a large number of policies and issues. Newsletters are an effective way of keeping interested parties regularly informed. They are also useful to broadcast an organisation’s views on certain topics, keeping our audiences in the loop.

Dissemination can include both external and internal audiences. The former offers the opportunity to connect with a broad range of stakeholders and provides visibility for the organisation. The latter can help to get messages to trickle down through the branches of a company, association or sometimes an entire industrial value chain resulting in improved consistency.

At Cambre, we have experience working on newsletters from concept to dissemination and can advise on what the best format and style could be for specific target audiences.



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