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Tailored messaging: the starting point of effective advocacy

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Telling your story is essential, but ensuring the right people hear it can prove challenging. Cambre can assist you in your outreach by identifying targeted, consistent and powerful messages that will capture the attention of policy-makers.


Is your message getting across to EU stakeholders? Do they clearly understand your position and concerns? Brussels is home to some 6,000 lobbyists, representing every interest you could think of, and which are all grappling for the attention of policymakers. With so many different stories seeking the spotlight, it can be challenging to cut through the noise and ensure your key messages are getting across to the right people. 

Cambre has extensive experience in communications and targeted messaging. Our teams work on identifying the issues that are crucial to you and how to best communicate these to stakeholders. We stay ahead of trends and ensure your story ties in with current discussions and sparks the interest of policymakers. Cambre can assist you in drafting clear, harmonized, targeted and powerful messages, which directly address the concerns of your interlocutors and clearly convey your positions.

Message houses help structure messaging and provide a visual memory aid.

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