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Rebranding a major trade association – Launching a new name

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Following an administrative merger of two associations, Cambre was asked to assist with a risk and opportunities assessment and stakeholder audit regarding a potential rebranding of the new single entity. The conclusions of the analysis supported Cambre’s work on the definition, development and roll-out plan of the new brand.


Cambre engineered a systematic step-by-step process to first ascertain the need to rebrand and second decide on what that new brand should be. This was done by involving internal and external stakeholders in all stages of the process. Actions included online surveys, in-depth telephone interviews, internal workshops, SWOT analyses and brand testing. In parallel, Cambre implemented an ad-hoc communications plan designed to launch the new brand across a number of communication channels with special emphasis on the digital ones.

The results of the initial assessment showed that a name change was possible given a number of key parameters. Based on these, the new name was selected and publicly announced in an event with +100 invitees, including journalists, politicians and European Commission officials. The association unveiled a new visual identity and a range of online and offline advocacy tools such as videos and computer generated animations.


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