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Xerox is an American multinational corporation providing business process and document management services. Cambre provides Xerox with daily monitoring of relevant EU policy issues, analysing potential impacts, determining priorities and proactively tracking business opportunities. On the basis of the priorities identified, Cambre also provides strategic advice and tactical support on key issues.


It may seem easier for multinational companies – who operate in a variety of different business environments – to develop an understanding of the differences among markets, but it actually proves far more challenging. This is especially true when these corporations produce, sell and provide a broad range of goods and services, whilst also expanding their activities into new sectors and/or new geographical areas.

Xerox’s activities may be wide-ranging, but they all have a common denominator: digital. This is a cross-cutting area in which Cambre has developed extensive knowledge over the years. In addition, Xerox’s operations are very specific and constantly evolving. In this respect, Cambre seeks to strike a balance between the diversity of Xerox’s portfolio and the need for tailor-made advocacy services.

Cambre developed an EU alert system to inform Xerox on a daily basis on policy issues, legislative developments and business opportunities of relevance to their activities. All the information compiled feeds into a monthly EU electronic newsletter, which is circulated across various departments within the HQ based in the US.


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