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Promoting sustainability across the European PVC value-chain and beyond

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VinylPlus has put into action the European PVC industry’s commitment to sustainability and has given continuity to the work started by Vinyl 2010. Cambre has developed and implemented all sorts of creative and traditional communication initiatives – from media relations to advertising and events –to foster relationships with stakeholders and shape public opinion of the industry.


VinylPlus was set up in 2010 by European associations representing the entire value chain to prolong the work started a decade earlier by Vinyl 2010 and continue improving the way PVC is produced. Pressure on the material from environmental NGOs and other opinion shapers has certainly decreased compared to the 90s and early 2000s, but it was still necessary to continue promoting the work of this initiative.

Cambre – in collaboration with its Italian partner Zelian - has implemented a series of creative ideas and more traditional projects focused on creating awareness and repositioning perceptions. Special attention has been given to communicating down the value chain to promote the programme and maintain message consistency.

It is an ongoing programme that includes pan-European media relations work, high profile partnerships with international organisations (e.g. UNIDO/UNEP), research institutes and the media, political stakeholder outreach and networking, advertising campaigns, events targeting audiences ranging from policymakers to youth, publishing and disseminating annual progress reports, exhibitions, and many other PR tactics.

As a result, perceptions of VinylPlus and the positioning of the European PVC industry have improved, in particular amongst policymakers. Brand recognition has also increased across the entire plastics and related sectors.




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